Throwback Thursday: UCA Degree Show 2011

I ended my degree on a text-based project called ‘Songs From The Revolution’. This was around the time of Occupy, the student marches and the beginnings of the anti-austerity movement in the UK, and all of these things had heavily influenced my artwork and taken that and my life in a more political direction. For this project I made cut up poetry out of newspaper headlines and advertising slogans, and the main rule was: they must always end on a positive note. The premise was that newspapers and adverts are designed to instill fear into the hearts of their readers in order to coerce them into spending their money. By cutting up the offending text and reclaiming the words as beautiful poems, the manipulation message is subverted. With the help of my uni’s wonderful technicians, I stole the Clear Channel logo and created this enormous billboard to display my final piece.


This project was great fun to do and I explored many formats before arriving at this final piece, including printing zines of the poems that I left in cafes and in public spaces, and a series of posters which I put up in phone boxes and any free notice board I could find.


RIP Kurt Cobain

I found this picture nestled away among some long forgotten files on my computer. I think it might be from around 10 years ago and is a brief exploration into my taste for messed up boys of the pretty, heroin chic persuasion (which hasn’t changed one bit, since you ask!). It was called ‘Still In Love With Kurt Cobain’, and I thought I’d share it with you today on the 22nd anniversary of his death.