Moleskine sketches!

It’s been so long since I last posted! Sorry about that, dearies! Unfortunately I’ve been lacking a camera for the last few weeks so didn’t have the ability to document any of my work until now. But that is now rectified, so today I’m giving you a little insight into the very beginnings of my paintings.

My ex-boyfriend bought me a moleskine sketchbook for Christmas and it’s proved really useful for capturing ideas before they float off out of my brain forever! It’s a tiny little A6 book so I tend to bring it with me everywhere these days. I’m too precious over my sketchbooks and like to make sure every page is filled with something beautiful so I can archive them and keep them forever. Therefore it’s good to have a book to be decidedly unprecious over where I can be as messy and scribbly as need be.

So these are my paintings in their very, very  embryonic stages. All are autobiographical, a bit twee, a bit surreal, and all rely on symbolism to tell a story. Two of them are works in progress as paintings currently and are hopefully going to be included in the show in June.


RIP Kurt Cobain

I found this picture nestled away among some long forgotten files on my computer. I think it might be from around 10 years ago and is a brief exploration into my taste for messed up boys of the pretty, heroin chic persuasion (which hasn’t changed one bit, since you ask!). It was called ‘Still In Love With Kurt Cobain’, and I thought I’d share it with you today on the 22nd anniversary of his death.