A few images from my latest series

This series was about the story of failed relationships, and the mess there is to clean up once things are officially over. The theme is pretty universal, and although we tend to play it down culturally, the scars from these experiences can last for many years.



For me, this one was a humdinger! I came away from it feeling utterly drained, confused and lost, with the distinct feeling that I had given far too much of myself and now there was very little left to rebuild with. That was 6 months ago, however, and while it still hurts a lot, I’m doing fine. I’m really happy to have taken the somewhat scary step of spilling my guts on these seven canvases. To have taken a painful situation and turned it into something pretty is my own personal form of alchemy, and I know that once the feelings of loss and grief have entirely faded, theseĀ paintings will still be a part of my body of work.


All of these images will be available as prints soon. Email me at shelli.le.fay@hotmail.com if you’d like to talk about buying any prints or originals.







Clockwork Heart

Hey all. Life has been on the hectic side lately so today was the first time in ages I’ve actually been able to spend painting. I’m mostly on a mission to get my paintings all finished in time for ourĀ exhibition on June 5th. Here’s a few images of what I’ve been up to today.


Excuse the mess, it’s still very much a work in progress. The basic form is there but now it just needs realising, so that’s what is on the agenda for tomorrow.



Upcycled frame paintings


Queen Mab, 2015

One of my favourite little hobbies is to scour charity shops for interesting/cute/kitsch frames that I can improve upon with my colourful, magickal characters and scenes.

I either paint straight onto the backing paper or wood. Once I’ve finalised the idea the paintings only take a couple of hours to complete. These three all belong to a nice family in Australia now who bought them off me while I was travelling. I have many more of these in the pipeline and am endlessly searching charity shops for new and exciting frames to work my magick with!

I am always available for commissions for things like this, so if you happen to find a jazzy lil’ frame and would like me to upcycle it for you, please get in touch