A few images from my latest series

This series was about the story of failed relationships, and the mess there is to clean up once things are officially over. The theme is pretty universal, and although we tend to play it down culturally, the scars from these experiences can last for many years.



For me, this one was a humdinger! I came away from it feeling utterly drained, confused and lost, with the distinct feeling that I had given far too much of myself and now there was very little left to rebuild with. That was 6 months ago, however, and while it still hurts a lot, I’m doing fine. I’m really happy to have taken the somewhat scary step of spilling my guts on these seven canvases. To have taken a painful situation and turned it into something pretty is my own personal form of alchemy, and I know that once the feelings of loss and grief have entirely faded, these paintings will still be a part of my body of work.


All of these images will be available as prints soon. Email me at shelli.le.fay@hotmail.com if you’d like to talk about buying any prints or originals.







Glitterarti exhibition and beyond…

Once again, it’s been a long time since I posted anything. Life, as always, gets in the way, and I’m now hopefully in a slightly more stable and predictable situation where I can focus on my artwork.

The big news is this: we held the opening to our Glitterarti exhibition on Sunday 5th June. It was a beautiful day, the turnout was great, and a lot of fun was had by all.

Me at exhibition

The next day, however, we received an email from Birkenhead Park saying their boss had arrived on Monday morning, seen the work, essentially panicked and had locked the door to the gallery. The reason? Because four of the paintings featured breasts, if you can imagine such a thing! That and Paul Burns’ (aka Ambidexter) work featured Jesus on the cross but with a few multi-ethnic twists that the management deemed a little radical for their audience’s delicate little minds!


Image credit: Ambidexter

So after a bit of discussion we decided as a group to remove our work and find a gallery space that was more open-minded and serious about displaying real actual art. At time of writing it is on display at the Atrium Cafe on Victoria Street in Liverpool, but next week we’ll be moving into Unit 51 in the Baltic Creative and will be reopening the show, cos we take any excuse for a party, frankly…


Here’s the full group. Top row L-R: Rob Duffy, Virginia Chandler, Ilan Sheady, Louise Boyce, Chris Fairrie, Paul Burns. Bottom L-R: Jayde Marie Bell and Shelli Le Fay