About The Artist


Shelli Le Fay is a painter living in Liverpool in the UK. In recent years,¬†she has been working¬†mainly with acrylic paint on board or canvas to create a series of character paintings portraying gods, nature spirits, mermaids, and many other types of mythological and fantastical beings, most of which come solely from the artist’s imagination. These creatures, though at times strange and disturbing, are Le Fay’s attempt to tell both the story of our universe, and also of her own personal history as a woman grappling daily with the trials and tribulations of life.

Le Fay’s work is informed heavily by the politics of feminism and environmentalism, along with a curious mixture of influences including Catholic iconography, symbolism in indigenous art and folklore, and her own personal life experiences with meditation, love, isolation, joy, compassion, sadness, and depression. Through this ‘portraiture’ of magical beings she has striven to portray all aspects of femininity, from love to rage, from frailty to fortitude, from the fiercely nuturing madonna to the self-destructive whore. The style is a mixture of the kitsch, the spiritual, and even whimsical in places. The work draws heavily on influences of the divine feminine from fairy tales and mythology, using symbols such as the halo, the third eye, and the spiral, to convey the uniquely female powers of fertility, creativity, magic, and the awesome power of the spirit of nature, to whom we all ultimately belong.

Shelli Le Fay studied Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent, UK. She has exhibited work in Canterbury, Liverpool, and in Paphos in Cyprus.


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